Murrungundie District is based in Charnwood ACT and guides mainly come from the following areas: Flynn, Fraser, Charnwood, Dunlop, Latham, Macgregor

The district currently has four groups offering guides for girls aged 5 to 18 years old.

Rainbow Fish Pre-Junior Guides for girls aged 5-7 meet Thursday

Southern Cross Junior Guides for girls aged 7-10 meet Monday

Kuringa Guides for girls aged 10-13 meet Wednesday

Monkeez Senior Guides for girls aged 13-18 meet Thursday.

The district also has a group for young women aged 18-30

Murrungundie Olave Group meet fortnightly on a Tuesday

Murrungundie District Girl Guides meet at the Murrungundie Girl Guide Hall, Verge Place Charnwood (off Tilyard Drive)

For information about joining Girl Guides in Murrungundie District contact Rhonda or 0409583751