Guiding Policies and Procedures

Our Mission: to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members.
Our Vision: to be Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development.


Guidelines set out the policy and procedures for Girl Guides Australia. Copies of Guidelines are available online or through your local guide District or the ACT Region Office.

Girl Guide Code of Conduct

Girl Guide volunteers and members are bound by a code of conduct.

Child Safety

Girl Guides Australia has a commitment to Child Safety. All adult members comply with Working with Children/Working with Vulnerable people checks relevant to their state.

Promise and Law

The Guide promise and law outline the values of Girl Guide members.

All adult members show their commitment through the promise and law. Non-member volunteers are also expected to support the values outlined in the promise and law.

Girl Guides NSW & ACT Values

Our values are:
·  Empowerment—We support and encourage the people we work with to be the best they can be.
·  Collaboration—We include others, cooperate and share information to get a better outcome together.
·  Respect—We value the similarities and differences that others bring and recognise their good intentions.
·  Passion—We conduct ourselves in everything we do with pride, enthusiasm and belief. We see answers not problems.
·  Initiative—We are not afraid to accept new ideas and take responsibility to make them a reality.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about Guiding policies or procedures, please contact your District Manager, or the ACT & SE NSW Region Office and ask to speak to the Region Manager.