Support Group

Supporting your local Girl Guides

Parents and Leaders work together to build and maintain a Guide District in their local community. Each Guide District have a Support Group or a District Support Team. Within these groups there are different roles to suit a variety of talents and the time parents or other interested adults have available to volunteer to help the local Guide community.

Support Groups and District Support Teams:

  • Support the Leaders
  • Participate in the District decision-making
  • Maintain the hall or meeting place as required
  • Promote Guides in the community
  • Raise funds to maintain the District e.g. insurance, resources and equipment

Volunteering offers you:

  • The opportunity to meet other people in the local community
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the local Guide District
  • Fun while supporting girls and young women grow in confidence
  • The opportunity to create a positive role model
  • The opportunity to show appreciation of Leaders in the District

More information about Support Group

Your local District Manager or Unit Leaders